Denzu: God/dess of the Waters

This particualr carving was done by a Togolese artist, whose only job is to carve images of the Vodoun Gods.

Because of its three-headed characteristices, many anthropologists have mistakenly attributed this divinity as a "borrowed" aspect of the Indian Hindu pantheon. Nothing could be further from the truth. Denzu is an ancient and major feature in West African & Diaspora Mami Wata Vodoun.

Denzu (day-su), is a major aspect of the many anthropomorphic forms that the Mami Wata Spirit takes. He/she is androgynous, and is known and venerated throughout all of Togo and Benin, Ghana, Burkino Faso etc.,, as the crowned divinity of its royal priesthood.

This particular aspect of Mami is often inherited through the bloodline. It is infamous as the diety of "bi-location, in which it is known to take on the outer persona of its servant . Being one of the most awed, feared, amd most powerful divinity in the entire West African & Diaspora Mami Wata Vodoun pantehon, Denzu rewards its servant with wealth, knowledge and spiritual transformation.

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Figure 1. Gert Chesi: Voodoo: Africa's Secret Power, Perlinger, 1980.

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