MWHS Photo Show: Aholu, Mami, Shiva, Afa MWHS Photo Show: Aholu, Mami, Shiva, Afa Aholu-Sakpata Mama Tchamba

Aholu Skapata

The ancient deity of the Earth, and ruler of Disease, Death, and Morality.  


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Celebrating the  indigenous birthright of the African & Diaspora, and indigenous path of choice for many in the world,  the Vodoun religion is an ancient ancestral tradition; that transcends and embraces all  races, classes and genders.  Those whom the deities calls or who needs their  powerful  healing , protective force and wisdom  in their lives are welcome.

MWHS Photo Show: Aholu, Mami, Shiva, Afa

Afa  (“Ifa/Fa”)

Page: MWHS Photo Show: Aholu, Mami, Shiva, Afa

The ancient Gods of Destiny  


Mama Tchamba

It is impossible to discuss Mama Tchamba  without discussing the descendants  of the enslaved. They are one and the same


If ever there was a ceremonial rite conducive for the Diaspora and the world, it is the ancient ceremony of Adé.   The Adé ceremony is critical to those ancestors, individuals and present family members (of any race) who died tragically, prematurely i.e., due to insanity, lynching, torture, gun shot, knifing, starvation, drug addiction, AIDs and other unnatural diseases or unnatural physical means etc.,  

It is known in African  esoteric  sciences that when one dies, most souls return to their primary function in the Ancestral Kingdom as a “hunter.”   

This fact is contrary to the cultural  and religious funerary practices in the West, which teaches the un-substantiated belief that all souls go directly to “heaven” via “Jesus.”   

When a person dies prematurely, especially due to violence or unnatural sickness, before they can return to a state of peace, the Adé ceremony must be preformed.   

It is through these ancient funeral and spiritual rites that the soul of the beloved is placed in a state of “purity” where they are able to heal and provide blessings and protection to their families.  

When these ceremonies are not preformed, most families  continue to experience tragedy upon tragedy or other misfortunes. Multi-generational “hauntings” are one of the most common, because the soul of the tragically departed is not at peace.

For those whose ancestors were enslaved and died unnaturally, and not given the proper burial, the Adé ceremony is imperative.

In today’s urban and rural areas where young men and women are dying due to gun shot wounds, stabbing's, drug over doses, military wars,  the Adé ceremony is the ancient rites which removes the dark forces surrounding the spirit of the deceased and provides the healing, justice and peace to their soul.    

A consultation with an Amengansie, who works directly with the dead is an important step in learning which ancestor is requesting an Adé  ceremony.   

If you have recently experienced  the loss of a loved-one to violence or premature death, a consultation with an Amengansie can contact your loved one to learn what their real wishes are before and after burial.

Note:  There is no statue of limitations on when an ancestor, or recently departed loved-one (of any race) can obtain the Adé Ceremony.  An ancestor can be 100 or 300+ years deceased, and they will still demand the Adé ceremony. Also, not all ancestors need Ade. Those ancestors who died in war, on the slave ships, jumped overboard or who died tragically or prematurely may need Ade. This also applies to ones children or/and any other relatives who died tragically or prematurely. A consultation with an Amengansie will reveal which ancestor(s) are demanding the Adé Ceremony.

ADÉ cont

First Serving the Diaspora & The Global Community!

MWHS Photo Show: Aholu, Mami, Shiva, Afa Adé (ancestor) becomes protector of the family and home.

Public funerals are important to lend dignity to the dead and to provide a period of closure for the living kin.  However, either before or immediately following a funeral, one of the greatest blessings that you can bestow upon yourselves and future family generations, is to consult an Amengansie (a priests who talks and works with the dead) to learn if the wishes of a departed loved ones “soul” is to have the Adé ceremony performed.  

 In African esoteric science, it is known that souls who die prematurely remain in a “chaotic” state for an indeterminate period of time, until someone in the family performs this ceremony.  This is true irrespective of ones religious or spiritual persuasion.  Contrary to popular belief, these souls do not enter “heaven” or remain “in peaceful bliss with angles” if they have died tragically or prematurely. Additionally, as a critical component of traditional funerals, the Adé ceremony lifts the soul of the departed from its state of suspended violence, darkness, misfortune and the chaos surrounding them at the moment of death. Only then, can their soul “move on.”

Once the Adé ceremony is completed, the deceased will become a “living ancestor” whom you can consult on family and other important matters. They will provide protection to the home, family and particularly aid in preventing future family members from succumbing to the same circumstance which caused their own premature death.  

Fig 1& 2: Ceremonial  images of family Adé.  These ancestors and loved ones can be consulted as well as protect their family and home.

Fig 1

Fig 2

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