Text Box: Text Box:  The Mami Wata Healers Society of North America Inc., (formerly OATH) founded in 1995  by  Mama Zogbé, is a non-profit 501(c)3, ancestral, Afro-religious  organization  committed to the resurrection, establishment, dissemination and maintenance of the Mami Wata and Yeveh Vodoun spiritual and ritual  traditions, brought to the North American shores by enslaved Africans and their descendants. Its main focus  is targeting those  in the Diaspora, who are beckoning the call to serve the deities of their ancestors. The MWHS is also committed to the promotion of community awareness through religious tolerance, education and the right to open ceremonial and ritual expression as is accorded all  religions. The Mami Wata Healers Society
does not exclude anyone based on race, gender, age, handicap, or sexual orientation.
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                                 Mami Wata: Africa’s Ancient God/dess Unveiled

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The MWHS contends that  past and  current information published about Mami Wata and Eve Vodoun  authored largely by non-Diaspora art historians, Jesuits,  students  and anthropologists, is incomplete, and often depicts a monolithic, and self-serving western view of African religions in general and Mami Wata in particular.  The MWHS further contends that Mami Wata is an ancient matriarchal religion and the  legitimate religion of  Mama-Isis. A tradition that  for  more than 6,000 years through the deities known as “Mami Wata”  established  the  first  powerful sacerdotal order of priestesses and priests in ancient Egypt; Ethiopia, Babylon, Thessalonica, Crete (ancient Greece) and Asia Minor (Turkey). From them came the first order of  prophetess, prophecies, mystics, alchemists, architectures, grand sorcerers, musicians, artists, scribes, poets etc.,. who were initiated into the sacred mysteries and trained to build the religious, cultural, political, economic and moral foundation of Africa. This knowledge they spread to the outside world including ancient India, Greece, Syria, Israel, Turkey, Rome and Asia.  MWHS further contends that the patriarchal faiths of  Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, and Islam  are mere corruptions of the original theological, ritual and doctrinal knowledge disseminated  by these first matriarchal orders. That centuries of overlaying foreign substratum's of cultural imitations, assimilation and oftentimes theft and deception, this historical knowledge of Africa's matriarchal contribution to the world was lost, and must be restored for the benefit of Africans/Diaspora and ultimately all humanity.