If you are experienced with the process, you can simply continue to the next step.  For the novice, this information is designed to smooth the process in your obtaining a speedy appointment concerning your particular problem. To prevent delay in processing your request, it is important for you to read and follow all of the information carefully. If you do not understand certain instructions you may contact us for further assistance.

Divination is not to be confused with what is popularly known in the West as a "psychic reading." It is much more.  In The Mami Wata Vodoun Tradition, consultations are conducted directly with the deity/spirits, and ancestors in assessing your problem and needs. A divination is in essence a spiritual diagnosis, and the information obtained is utilized to establish the options available to you.   The information provided is directly related to you and the particular issues that you and the spirits have brought forth. However, before you contact us, please make certain we can be of service to you. Please make sure you read all of the information below.

Contrary to what you may have been conditioned to believe in Hollywood, the Vodoun Religion is an ancestral and healing tradition laced with the same moral and social integrity as any mainstream religions. We are not sorcerers.  A good rule of thumb to remember is: if you will not contact your Christian priest, Jewish Rabbi, Muslim Cleric, Swami etc.,to request the following services, we ask that you NOT request them from us:

1. Breaking up marriages to pursue the spouse of another.

2. Killing of anyone because you do not like them.

3. "Cursing” your enemies or anyone for any reason.

4. Causing disharmony, bad fortune or sickness upon anyone for any reason.

5. Forcing someone to love you (unrequited love) for any reason.

6. Forcing someone who obviously does not love you to return.

7. Getting you out of jail for a crime that you know you committed and were found guilty.

8. It is also important to review our Protocol and Respect (link also at end of) page to aid in your preparation process.


If you are in need of an emergency divination, the cost is [a nonrefundable] $200.00.

You must have already made your payment and downloaded your photo. Once your payment has been made you must contact us (706) 267-3324 immediately to schedule.

If you are sending payment via postal mail, please address and mail your payment to:

Mamaissii Vivian

P.O. Box 211281

Martinez, GA, 30907

Once your payment is mailed, it is important that you contact us (706) 267-3324, to inform us of this.



  In-Person Divination

The most preferred way for you to have a divination performed is in person. We prefer and strongly encourage this, for it is the best way to truly assess you as a total person, and ask pertinent questions.  However, if you are unable or it is not cost effective, (i.e., residing in another state) we can perform this service via completing the form along with your photo.



1. You may send your payment via money order or paypal/credit/debit card.

  *Please, NO CHECKS (including e-checks) or WESTERN UNION!  Please do not mail cash!

2. If you are MAILING IN YOUR PAYMENT, you must complete this form and follow the instructions provided.

3. If you are PAYING THROUGH PAYPAL/CREDIT/DEBIT CARD, please complete the form here and follow the instructions provided.

4. You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of both. Once your payment is received you will be contacted and scheduled based on coordinated availability.

ALL THOSE SEEKING INITIATION INTO THE MAMI WATA AND VODOUN TRADITION IT IS RECCOMENDED TO HAVE YOUR DIVINATION PERFORMED IN-PERSON. The fee for this service is [a nonrefundable] $100 (per 35 min. or when the session ends), and must be paid in advance. To get started, you must first complete the form here to schedule. NOTE: It is your payment that confirms your appointment.

Those seeking a General Divination concerning issues in your life, the price and the procedure is the same as the above.

The MWHS is open everyday from 8:00 a.m. EST– until 4:00 (for consultations!) or until all scheduled ceremonial/ritual work is completed. MWHS is closed on Mondays & Fridays for performance of prayers, Suraka & shrine mainteance.

NOTE: ONCE PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE for (ANY SERVICE) THERE ARE NO REFUNDS!  Please read our Refund Policy/Terms of Service BEFORE you proceed.  Please also make sure that you are serious and that you are able to commit to your scheduled consultation/services appointment.  If you miss your appointment, you can reschedule. Also, MWHS does not offer discounts, free services or barter.  Please do not contact us with this request.   If you choose to follow the recommendations  offered,  please be prepared to pay for any ritual services that might be required depending on the outcome of your  consultation.   We are also a busy shrine, and request that you not make repetitive phone calls requesting when you will be contacted, or if your payment has been received.   If you have already contacted us to inform us that your payment has been mailed, once it arrives you will be notified.     Please visit our Protocol Page to be informed on how to proceed once your payment is made and you have been scheudled.

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