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                             HITTIE GODDESS

                              Bronze. c. 1500 B.C.

Image: Hittite Goddess, crowned  “queen of the kingdom”; mother of  divine kings and children of the “Lion of Judah.”


The present day Turks who currently occupy the Anatolian region, were not the original indigenous people during biblical times. Prior to their invasions there was the Ethiopian “Mitanni Empire,” a matriarchal kingdom that ruled for 26 centuries; and were undisputedly the main inspiration for the later Byzantium period. During ancient times these various Hittite-Egypto-Ethiopian groups were known as the Phrygians of Phrygia; now modern day Turkey. They are recorded to have settled into Phrygia (ancient Turkey) and the Aegean Islands as early as 4000 B.C.E.  An ancient region later invaded and colonized by the Greeks, Persians and Turkish warrior tribes who arrived some 2500 years later.


The Hittite clans were also historically known as the Gargars. Located in what is now the Armenian highlands, Gargars (perhaps another ethnic designation for ‘Phrygia’) was a land-locked country bordering Turkey and Iran. The Gargars were also known as the “Gargarensians”, one of the ancient locations of the “Arap” (Sabean/Ethiopian) clans who founded the Mittani empire. Gargars was believed to be the actual location of Mt. Arrata (Arafat).


Far from being an isolated kingdom, the Mitanni Empire was an extremely important spiritual, cultural and economic center of the ancient world. According to Horton, they maintained a system of bartering in goods and had established extensive trade routes to Palestine, Egypt, Lybia, Athens, Corinth, Crete and throughout Peloponnese (Turkey). They also maintained schools of medicine, extensive libraries and were considered one of the major centers of learning and spiritual development. It was in this region that the first great temple to the Egyptian ancestral python “Asclepias” was built.


Eleventh century C.E., Turkish monk and world historian, Cedrinus wrote extensively about the ancient empires which pre-date the Turks arrival. He writes that it is from this ancient region where the Queen of Sheba (Makere, Makeda) and Queen Nefertiti (who were also Sibyl prophetesses) reigned during the period she (Sheba) visited King Solomon's Temple. Many of the prophecies of the ancient Sibyls originate from the Mitanni empire. These prophecies specifically were directed towards her seven main temples, of whom the Roman Caliphates would later violently usurp and convert into "Churches" removing their ancestral deities, and holy images of their chief goddesses’, and their worship. Their main goddess being “Ashtoreth,” (Astarte), an aspect of Isis, whom the fiercely patriarchal Persian, Turks and Roman invaders despised, due to her religious, cultural and economic predominance throughout the ancient world.


One of the most famous of these Hittites Sibyls was duly named Phrigia/Phyrgia  (2996 B.C.E): As her name implies, she was claimed to be a Phrygian, one of the indigenous clans of Asia Minor (Turkey).  Her mother was said to be Dardanus and her father was a Hittite [Turkish] king named ‘Neso’.  Phyrgia lived in the small city of Anzira, where her written and oral prophesies, just as their renowned seven holy temples, were considered to be some of the most biblically accurate throughout the ancient world. 


During the 6-7th centuries as the Mitanni empire began its decline, she suffered severe blows from the many invading warrior tribes from the East and South. . . invasions and colonization by the Persians, the Turks, and later the Romans, all competing for her lucrative trade routes and seat of divine influence via  her holy temples. However, it was under Constantine I, (6th AD),  in their fierce battle with the learned Levite Hebrews (now called “Jews”)  that he ordered the seizure of  her major temple in Constantinople. The lethal blow came under Roman general, Theodosius I (d. 376 C.E.), and his sons, during the reign of Roman emperor Valentinian I. (321-75 C.E.) who ordered the complete pillaging, destruction and occupation of  the remaining six temples, converting them into “monks and  hermits.”   Meaning to isolate a body of scholars to seize the Sibyls’ books and prophecies, where they were studied by these monks, and used to establish the first concrete theological foundation for the emerging Christian cults to lend legitimacy to their claims against the Jews. They would also be used to justify the seizing of her holy temples, and the enslavement and persecution of the Hittites and other worshipers throughout the world by the invading Romans.


The western bible is replete with references to Astarte’s worship where she was renounced, reducing her divine status from the chief principal “god” to a “wicked, seductress idol.”  In their bid to reduce her divine status in order to elevate her male consort as the supreme deity, they changed the original dual name of “Anath-Yahu,” to “Yahweh” or simply “Jehovah.”  They condemned all priests who refused to disavow her worship or who dare married one of her queens or followers as “idolaters'.”


This is why King Solomon, who was also initiated as a priest of  “Ashtoreth,” (Astarte) was later accused of marrying  “many other girls besides the Egyptian princess . . . who came from nations where idols were worshiped . . Amon, Edom, Sidon and from the Hitties.”  (Kings 1, 11:1-6)


The Hittites and the Matanni Empire and her temples are the African clans and location prophesied in the Book of Ezekiel as  “Gog,” after their temples were invaded and seized.


Woe to thee, O Land of Gog and Magog, lying between the Ethiopian Rivers! How great an effusion of Blood shalt thou receive!  And men shall call thee the House of Judgment; and thy well-watered land shall drink black blood. “  (38-39).


 “Gog” is a racially derisive corruption of the ancient African “Gargars.” It is the same equivalent of the word “Nigger.”  The Roman Caliphs and the Hebrew Levite Sheppard's hatred and jealously of the Hittite Goddess’ worship and spear of divine and cultural influence in the world, trigged an aggressive campaign to smear her name and to wipe her worship, history and memory completely off the face of the earth.


According to accounts written by historians William Burckhardt Barker, Cedrinus and others, many of the prophecies  compiled into the western biblical “revisions” of the Old Testament are actually corruptions of those of the Sibyls'. For example, it is believed that they have placed their entire prophecies under factitious pseudonyms as “Daniel”, ”Ezekiel,”  “Esther” (actually a corruption of “Ishtar”), and as “John” for the  Book of Revelation.


Source:  Hunter-Hindrew, V. Mami Wata: Africa’s Ancient Goddess Unveiled. 2005, MWHS, Georgia.


Image: Hittite Goddess, crowned as “queen of the kingdom”; mother of  divine kings and children of the “Lion of Judah.”



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300 A.D. Byzantium church painting of a Romanized “Christ and Mary. ”The “angels” positioned on each side, was actually Nike, a popular pre-Christian winged African goddess whose chief role as messenger of the gods, was revised and “Christianized” during the usurpation by the Roman papal of the Matanni Empire’s seven temples in  Asia  Minor (ancient Turkey.) The Hittite/Matanni Empire’s religion, and culture were the direct inspiration during the Byzantium period.

300 A.D. Sibyl prophetess Cumea head found in ancient Rome.


During trance possession these women possessed by their tutelary deity would prophesize and their words written down by scribes. During their persecution in Rome, emissaries were sent all throughout Rome, Greece, Israel (Canaan) etc., to seize their prophecies.  The theft and alteration of the Sibyl prophecies used in the bitter propaganda wars with the Jews, was the major impetus behind the so-called “scripture wars” between the “Gnostic and Agnostics.” Meaning those who knew their actual origins and continued their worship  of the old African divine order, and those who were forced to accept the emerging Papal “New World Order.”

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